Snorkeling 101


Essential Snorkel Gear:


You might think that picking snorkel gear is easy.  It is, but it takes a little bit of knowledge upfront to know what you're looking for.  Basically, all that you just need the following items:

  • Snorkel Mask
  • Snorkel Tube
  • Snorkel Flippers

Usually you can find these in snorkel sets that come nicely packaged in a bag.

Additionally, if you're new to snorkeling or not a strong swimmer then you can choose to have a:

Personal Flotation Device or snorkeling vest

Lastly, don't forget your underwater camera (disposable or otherwise) for taking pictures of all awesome stuff that you're going to see!

How to Pick Your Snorkel Gear: The Best Snorkel Gear is the set that fits the best.  

The mask should seal to the face easily.  Simple place it on your face without the strap and breath in through the nose a little and you should feel the mask skirt seal around your face.  If you don't feel the seal right away then it's probably not the right fitting mask for you.  If it does seal then remove your hands from the mask and hold your breath for just a second...the mask should stay on the face.

The snorkel should feel comfortable in the mouth.  The problem with this is that you won't (and shouldn't...yuck) "try on" your snorkel prior to buying it.  However, when you do get the snorkel home then make sure that it easily held in the mouth, between the teeth with only the slightest of jaw pressure keeping it in place.

Fins normally come in a closed foot pocket style or open heel style with a strap that adjusts for size.  I prefer the open heel but closed foot work just as well as long as your foot fits.  Also, with some closed foot and open heel snorkel fins you may need to wear snorkel socks or booties so that the plastic of the fin doesn't cause pain on the top and sides of your feet.

How to Wear Your Snorkel Gear:

Keep Your Mask from Fogging Up

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