Hiking 101

Never hike without the proper equipment.  It's not only uncomfortable and could lead to injury...but also to death.  Here's a run down of the most important items that we have on our list every time we leave the house for the day:

  • Water:  We usually use a hydration pack and bring an extra bottle or two.  You can never have enough water.  We highly recommend this page for the best hydration packs and reviews.

  • Clothing:  The right clothing can make or break a good experience on a hike.  While we would love to tell you that you don't need "hiking gear" to do it, we do recommend that you visit your local outdoors/REI-type of store to get the right clothing for your activities  Depending on where you're hiking it can get really hot and really cold, sometimes it can do both in the same area.  Make sure you have the appropriate, seasonal clothing.

  • Sunscreen:  Don't get burnt! Bring...even if it's cloudy, it will come in handy.

  • Hammock Tent:  Just in case.  You never know when you'll get stranded, stuck, injured, or decide it's too pretty to leave so soon.  A hammock tent can provide both shelter and a place to sleep within it.

  • Survival Stuff:  Whistles, thermo blanket, water filtration straw, signaling mirror, first aid it, head lamp.  Because you just never know...

  • Food:  We're partial to beef jerky and energy bars.  Some people love granola.  It doesn't matter.  Just make sure it's fatty and carby and delicious.

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